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NUTFIELD Historic buildings and landscape

This new and enlarged 64 page book has been acclaimed by historians and architects for its attention to detail on local history in Surrey. Over 100 illustrations and a guided walk through the village.

Edited by Peter Finch, based on the book ‘Nutfield and Burstow’ by Peter Gray which proved so influential when published in 1980. Illustrated by Mike Garwood.

Price £9.50 + p&p. (Click here for more information)

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The History of Kentwyns

Witten by Roy Clark MBE and based on voluminous archive of the Clement family with deeds dating back to 1383.

Illustrated with photos old and new.

Price £2 + p&p.

Nutfield in the Year 2000

A pictorial book on Nutfield in the year 2000 representing active organisations in the village at that time: Link magazine, village groups and clubs, sports teams, shops, churches and the school, naming each individual in the photographs.

Price £5 + p&p.

Nutfield: Our Village since Domesday

This 300 page hardback book is a broad outline of the parish history up to 1900. It was largely written by the late Richard Deacon with a few chapters by the members of the Nutfield History Group. It contains over 100 illustrations and maps. First published in 2000, reprinted in 2006.

Price £17.50 + p&p.

Nutfield Memories of World War II

72 pages full of fascinating stories about people and their children who lived in Nutfield during WWII and their war time stories. The book is supported by 27 war time pictures in colour and black and white. It also lists most of the Nutfield men and women who fought in the war, and those who fell.

It’s proving to be the kind of book you will not want to put down.

Edited by Peter Finch

Price £5 + p&p

Queens Head 1505 Tudor Wing

The Market Hall Theory by Mike Garwood.

The story behind the Tudor cross-wing of the Queens Head, the building of Nutfield Market Hall. With some unlikely coverage: from the Mona Lisa DNA to the DNA of the bones of Richard III; from the discovery of Nutfield’s Castellum to the origins of the Queens Head trading as a pub. Plus: a list

of families living in Nutfield in the 16th century - for those interested in genealogy.

Price £10 + p&p

This Hallowed Airstrip

An Historic Account of Redhill Aerodrome.

This book by Mike Garwood was put together for the unveiling of the Memorial Plaque in April 2017 at Nutfield Memorial Hall, by Air Commodore Clare S Walton RAF in front of six air attaches from allied countries. It was dedicated to the 75 airmen who flew in WW2 from RAF Redhill and gave their lives in air combat.

With 72 pages and 82 interesting pictures from early days of the aerodrome aircraft to the Battle of Britain, including D-Day involvement to the present day aircraft activities of the aerodrome.

Sorry - now out of print.